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Re: Cast The Inevitable Batman Reboot

^Seriously, can you not speak English?

Again "...I'd have to reluctantly agree that having a Batman aged 30 at the start of his career was perhaps a questionable decision" - this refers to the character. Not the actor. There's such a thing as context and the rest of my post was clearly talking about the character.

In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne was aged 30 when he returned to Gotham and started his career as Batman. Christian Bale was aged 31. Did you hear me complain that he wasn't the same age as the character? Can you show me a link to that or a quote? No. Cos I didn't say it!!!!

In relation to the other poster, it is possible to see some merit in someone else's argument without agreeing in its entirety. I don't see things in simple black or white. Clearly nuance and subtlety are concepts beyond you.

How many times do I have to agree that an actor over 30 can play a character under 30? Is that too complicated a notion for you to follow?

'He' referred to you. is that also too complicated for you?

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