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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

Romulus Prime wrote:
but it's quite clear from past shows/depictions that Romulans don't negotiate from positions of weakness, which by making slaves and a clone the head of state, relegates them to subordinates, i.e. it puts them (Romulans) in a position of weakness by allowing slaves to have control of highly destructive technology as well as the government and military.
I see a Romulan Empire that's never been happy with it's goverment. From the Romulan Commander's anti-Praetor comments in "Balance of Terror" to the defection in "The Defector" to Spock's underground movement in "Reunification"

In times of widespread dissatisfaction, radical change (or the promise of) is often positively recieved by the general population. That's what I saw in Nemesis.
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