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Re: Would Nemesis have been received better if.....

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Nemesis would've been better received if it had been a better movie.
So true

The idea had merit, but it was seriously flawed.

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The main problem I see with Nemesis is that the script needed a lot more work, and the director was so far up his own ass he didn't realise he wasn't the great visionary he thought he was.
I'm sure I heard/read somewhere that he wasn't even that familiar with TNG (one example was that he thought Geordi was an alien).

USS Intrepid wrote: View Post
That said, it's still a bit of a guilty pleasure movie for me. I was pretty disappointed with it when I saw it, but for all it's flaws, I don't mind it too much these days.
I always stop the movie after the toast to Data and you see the ship in dry-dock. That way Data remains dead and honoured for his selfless sacrifice.
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