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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Macross would be expensive to get over here and dubbed. One because they are probably asking for a bunch of money, and two...Robotech. It has been said that as long as Harmony Gold owns Robotech, they will be able to keep out any dubbing of new Macross series. I'm not entirely sure that is true, but that is what is been said.

A reason the anime market is so high priced is because some forms of it are not show during commercial television hours. So it gets no money from commercial sponsors like a show would get if it was shown in prime time or even during the early morning when kids shows use to be on. Anime of this sort tends to be shown in the late night time slots that would be reserved for infomercials and the like. And basically anime are infomercials of a short. The production company spends money for the time slot and fills the commericals with their own products (model kits, figurines, DVDs, video games, and anything else they can tie into either that show or other shows the production company produces).

Yamato is in the movie theaters first, which is a new tactic. They will sell a Limited Edition BD in the theaters and later release the standard BD and DVDs. (The Limited Edition comes with more extra stuff like books, stickers, and other things that are not the BD...the BD itself is the same as the standard edition). However it was only ten theaters, so while that does get them some moeny, it isn't like a nation wide screening for months and a hundred theaters or something.

Part of the high pricing for other series is that they tend to come with extras. Special booklets, figures, or other things collectors might want. It is a collector hobby over there for the most part. The DVDs are a little cheaper sometimes, but do not have the extras (or are the same priced and have different extras). (because with the exception of things like Yamato, OVAs, and films, they can just record the shows right of the TV)

For Yamato, I think the DVD comes with less stuff so those sell less often. They are cheaper though. However for the foreign market, the BD have English subtitles. The DVDs do not (since those are Region 2).

The first BD sells on Amazon for a little over 5000 yen (with shipping it comes to about $80 USD. The rest of them have more episodes and sell for around 6000 yen (with shipping around $100 USD). So by the time the series ends, it will cost a little less than $700 USD to own. If you wait on shipping until more than one are out you might save the $20 USD each. That is assuming they don't make sequels or a prequel OVA. (There was talk of making an OVA based on the War with Gamilas to see how Earth failed and where they won a few battles before the Battle of Pluto. Also probably show when the first Iscandarian ship arrived a year before the Battle of Pluto).

The only other option, aside from finding it online someplace to watch (and it is out there), is to wait until it gets a North American release. But that will take a while since it will be some time before the series finishes at this rate (I'm guessing the series will finish around October 2013 at the current rate of release). No telling if it would get a dub or not.
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