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Re: Still no covers for Cold Equations??

I'm kind of wondering if this trilogy is going to present an opportunity to sort of skip ahead and just read it out of order, i.e. without having caught up with the continuity otherwise yet. Because normally I'm not one to do that, but OTOH if I keep to that it's going to be a fair while longer before I can participate in these review threads I keep opening, and I do crave me some discuss-the-new-book action.

The fact that it's a trilogy event and doesn't carry the Typhon Pact banner (which I personally tend to take as the "AQ/BQ main continuity arc" roadsign right now) makes me expect that it'll make bigger concessions to jump-in-here readers than your average novel (even though I do realize that generally speaking, all of the books do a pretty good job at providing all the info you need to enjoy them). Then again, the Destiny novel is held up as an example of a plot-driven opus that nonetheless delivers in the character department, so obviously Mr. Mack isn't going to ignore the arcs the TNG characters are on, and is likely to advance them. So I should probably catch up first after all for the full emotional impact ...

Not that any editor should read this as a sign I want more standalone novels ... I love tight continuity and am buying these anyway knowing they'll be more satisfying when I finally get there.
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