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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

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Byron just irks me, not over the actor whose fine in the job, but the whole telepath thing in season 5. Byron's poor pitiful us routine, the character assassination on Lyta, that telepath issues weren't given the constant fleshing out that even Clark and Earth gov got just make me not care much about Byron. Also, Zack's early summation of Byron being essentially a martyr looking for someplace to happen really summed up the guy. More unlikable cult leader than decent guy is how he came across to me in just about the whole arc.
You should read the psi-corp series, Byron is equally irksome as I recall, though it's fleshed out more. You can see how he ended up like that, though it doesn't make him any more likable.
While I personally never had a problem with it, I think it is fair to say that part of the reason some people don't take to the telepath storyline is because for all the talk of Psi Corps abuses, we never really saw what it was like to grow up in the corps. We never saw the fear, institutional paranoia, implied self hatred and the walls of secrets all hidden under a veneer of wholesome normalcy, so the mundanes won't get upset.

Of course showing all that would have been a whole other show, so there's only so much JMS could do to communicate why these people are the way they are.
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