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Re: Star Trek Continues - First Vignette Released

All right guys. I didn't make it here until late today...real life took precedence.

Let's not be nasty in the discussion, OK? And if someone expresses an opinion you don't like, refute it calmly. If you can't do so without getting riled up, walk away from the computer. I know it's the internet and it seems to have to become a drama, but it really doesn't have to become a drama. Just treat people, even those with whom you disagree, with respect. Or if you can't, as I said, go water the lawn or something until you've cooled down.

Conversely, if you have a criticism of a project or some aspect of a project, it would be more helpful to express it in terms that won't rile people up. For example, regarding the bozo comment:

Bad: He was a bozo/acted like bozo.
Better: His acting came off as a bit too amateur, not to a professional level. (or): He didn't portray his character in a serious enough manner. (or some stuff like that).

Edit: Just realized that my example might irk some. Note that I've not seen the production in question and therefore have no opinion on the matter. I was only making an example based on the user posts here.
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