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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

Walt could always revisit his good old brother-in-law at the office and take the bug out. Great episode. I can't believe I didn't see it coming with the kid. I knew Todd was going to do something awful thanks to that asshole reviewer at TV Guide who stated that Todd was going to be "pure evil" but claimed she wouldn't give spoilers. That'll teach me to read an advance preview. I'm so mad at myself for that. I thought that Todd would shoot the train's crew.

Loved that Jesse came up with the idea; I don't think Walter is looking to trade up. He knows Jesse and trusts him. There's also the arrogance that he has Jesse in the palm of his hand with his own manipulations--that satisfaction that he was able to "change Jesse's mind about him," even though it was all his bullshit lies.

Of course, Jesse went off the deep end after having to kill Gale to save good ole Walt. I wonder what the boy dying as a result of his idea is going to do to him. Even Walter had the decency to look shocked. Perhaps he was. This is going to cause ripples between Jesse, Walt, and Mike. Sooner or later Jesse's going to have to own his own responsibility in all this. Big time problems times one hundred. Also, Walter Jr. is going to be a fly in the ointment. You can't just turn a teenager's life around and give zero explanation like that. They aren't children even if they aren't financially self sufficient enough to live on their own. Yes, they need to respect their parents, but parents need to realize that having your life changed through no fault of your own brings emotional turmoil to a mind not yet fully mature. Still, Walter Jr. bugs me because he looks 30. How old is the actor now, playing a kid who's supposed to be 16? I keep thinking, "Move out of the house! You're a grown man you fool!" He looks Jesse's age. RJ Mitte is probably close to Aaron Paul's age.

In fact, I think there's a good chance Jesse becomes kingpin (and/or kills Walt) at the end of the show.
I don't think Jesse has it in him morally to be a kingpin, but this incident could be the catalyst for his eventually turning against Walter. This is going to eat Jesse alive.

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