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Re: VOY Caption This 83; Curiosity Killed The Cat...

Paris: I didn't mean to shove it into the anti-matter reactor...
Torres: That was my favorite stuffed targ, I had him since I was a girl.

Kim: Can I have a promotion now, Captain?
Doctor: Oh very well, since you helped me overthrow Captain Janeway and your medical readings are showing a pair of balls however small, you are hereby promoted to Senior Ensign.

Chakotay: This is what's under my pillow?!
Torres: These are sucking out your soul and willpower when you sleep. That's why you've been so submissive to Janeway these past five years when you used to be so lively.

Janeway's reaction to learning she just mated with Paris in Threshold.

Kim: I'm not letting you bury me in the sand!
Torres: Come on Harry, it'll be fun!
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