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Re: Star Trek Continues - First Vignette Released

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(to the tune of "Rawhide") Trollin', trollin', trollin'....MarsWeeps keeps on trollin'....

Aw, hell, you fill in the rest...
Trolling? I can't give my opinion on things, whether negative or positive? I didn't realize we had to blow sunshine up each others rears.

So how is Ajax coming....or NOT?
THAT is EXACTLY the kind of crap I'm talking seem unable to control yourself lately when it comes to being nasty or snide...and THAT, IMHO, is what makes you a TROLL. Opinion is one thing...poking the hornet's nest to hear them buzz is another thing entirely. It's like slapping someone, then expecting them to say, "I'm sorry my face got in the way of your hand".

And BTW...we've cast a number of roles and a director has been selected...announcements forthcoming...FYI.

Where's the mod??

"He's dead Jim. You get his phaser, I'll get his wallet."
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