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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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I'm still hoping against all hope that we might finally get a Dick Grayson Batman. I'm thinking this is never going to happen though.
If the Batman Unlimited line is a hit, I would imagine they would get around to a Grayson Batman eventually. The big issue is how you would differentiate him. DCUC and related lines use a buck system, and thus, there are fewer sculpted details that would tell you this is Grayson. I guess for starters they could put him on the thinner body that they use for Deadman, Sinestro, etc. Maybe a headsculpt with a smile would go a long way. They're not going to perfectly mimic Frank Quietly's art, or something like that. That's just not the way Mattel rolls. I really hope they get us a Damian, too. I just don't know which body they would use. All of the kid size bucks are still way too buff.
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