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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

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Gibraltar, I'm not sure how to ask this, but are you by any chance watching this season of "True Blood"? Interesting parallels (though, your storyline is infinitely more interesting ... and subtle.)
I have actually only ever seen one episode of True Blood, from about four years ago.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
That's actually what I figured, of course (and you're not really missing all that much.) As I tried to allude to, the tension you have created between the two Amon tribes is much more interesting and layered (in this short time you've had to establish both), but I couldn't help but find the parallels interesting. And, yes, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I watch "True Blood". Sorry to take things off track.

Oh, and if I neglected to say it, I really enjoyed the most recent installment. Among other things, I really liked how you portrayed the influence of the life essence on Sandhurst, as well as his "return" to his historical self, and sensibilities.
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