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Re: Movies Seen in 2012


Did you watch it at home, or did ya go out to see it with a shadow cast/cosplayers? I've only watched all the way through durin' shadow cast performances, myelf...not really worth watchin' in an empty room.

The Watcher - DVD
Silver Bullet - free admission
Logan's Run (1976) - DVD
17 Again - DVD
Total Recall (2012) - free admission
The Queen of Versailles - free admission
Adventureland - DVD
The Campaign - free admission
Hope Springs - free admission
The Bourne Legacy - free admission
Killer Joe - free admission

Only one new movie for me today, but at least it was a white trash murder for hire story set in Dallas, TX but filmed in New Orleans, LA...

Chris has a problem - he owes money to a drug dealer. But Chris has a solution in mind, too. He goes to Ansel, and together they contact Killer Joe Cooper, a hitman for hire who also happens to be a police detective. Chris & Ansel want Killer Joe to murder Chris's mother so his sister, Dottie, can collect the insurance money, it can be split among the family & Chris can pay of his debt.

Bad choices, bad ideas, coerced sex, and all kinds of abuse & assaults follow when Killer Joe takes Dottie as his "retainer" 'til she collects the insurance.

Killer Joe earns its NC-17 rating with full frontal female nudity from young star Juno Temple, language, violence, and a simulated sex scene involvin' Matthew McConaughy, Gina Gershon & some fried chicken.

Never gonna eat at KFC again after that one...

Got a plan to see a free advance screenin' of The Odd Life of Timothy Green tomorrow, and may go to Music Monday at the Drafthouse Ritz for Dave Chapelle's Block Party.
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