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Re: BOSS :(tv series on starz) official disscussions

The season one DVD came out recently and the season two starts this week.

I have watched seven of the eight season one eps and will likely finish the DVD set tonight.

This show is excellent. Best thing I've seen hit TV since "Mad Men."

Grammar makes you forget about Frasier Crane and Sideshow Bob in about one minute, playing a corrupt politician who makes Rod Blagojevich and Richard Daley look like Sheriff Andy Taylor. He is that good. The rest of the cast also brings their "A" game, including a number of actors I haven't seen before.

The political intrigue is on a par with West Wing (without Sorkin preaching). The exploration of evil behind a facade of benign normalcy is on a par with "the Sopranos."

And, for icing on the cake its got a fair share of pay cable nudity (though, thankfully, from the younger cast members and not Grammar)

If this show was HBO or AMC we'd all be talking about it incessantly. Unfortunately, I think because its on Starz a lot of people missed it the first time around.

Highest recommendation.
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