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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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So, has anyone gotten a fleet ship yet? I'm curious as to how they compare perfoamce-wise to the run of the mill versions.
Nobody's fleet bases (nobody, at all, anywhere in the game) are anywhere near making T5 ships yet, and most of us have no interest in T1 or T2 fleet ships.

It'll be several more months before anybody can start provisioning T5 fleet ships.
As a player flying a Patrol Escort, my primary interest actually IS in a T1 Starbase fleet ship. So I did upgrade to the Fleet Blockade Escort. The extra hull and shields have been great. Extra console is for engineering, also adding to survival. Hanging in there longer, and putting out more DPS as a result. Don't need to run away so much now.

So, I've also been going into CSE and starting the match by saying to the team, "Can we all agree that popping a cube early is a BAD thing?" It always seems to get a chorus of YESes, and there's a lot more coordination lately in CSE in general lately. Haven't been seeing the Kang explode nearly so much.

Plus, I've been seeing a lot more communication in PUGs over the last week or so. I know I'm trying to be a lot more vocal to get people to talk to each other, so I hope it has a good effect.
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