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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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Prof. Brian Cox from BBC's Wonder's series was scientific advisor on Sunshine. He said the first thing he did when he read the script was go "wrong, wrong, wrong" to the premise but without that there's no film, so he concentrated on making stuff work for the rest of the film.
I went "wrong, wrong, wrong" throughout that entire film. I think Sunshine is just as bad a Prometheus when it comes to totally stupid characters and plotholes. That film was very painful to watch.
I'm GENERALLY fine with not great science in sci fi (unless it's egregious) if I'm engaged with the characters and the story. It falls into suspension of disbelief.

A film can have all the accurate science it wants, if it's not compelling, if the characters are idiots, if the plot is contrived and relies on coincidence, it's a shit film... no matter how good the science.
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