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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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The standing script makes the Romulans look like idiots, then shoves them aside in favor of Kid Picard and some oogly-boogly Nosferatus who've NEVER been shown or even hinted at previously.
The name "Romulan Empire" alone suggests subject races.
Non-sequitor. I'm not excluding that concept, which is fine. The concept implemented in the actual movie is BEYOND ridiculous. Romulans (in general) don't trust anyone and expect betrayal, thus the idea of them arming a slave race makes them come off as completely stupid, never mind keeping alive evidence (a human clone) of a plot to infiltrate and replace Starfleet personnel.

The writers then take this insanity a step further and demonstrate that not only would the (knowingly) distrusting Romulans arm a slave race, but allow them LEAD their Empire via a NON-Romulan/human CLONE + allow them to park their uber-deadly-species-killing ship in orbit of the homeworld.




Let's not even delve into the aspect of the Tal Shiar being up the kazoo of any potential slave leader of any slave race under Romulan control to monitor and ensure that they never had a chance to do what happened in this horrendous movie.

FWIW, the Remans were briefly seen in Enterprise's fourth season.
I'm well aware of this subtle retcon featured in the overall sup-par series which was Enterprise. It's worth about as much as the movie it "borrowed" them from.

Romulans never needed anyone to fight for them before. They were essentially "dark" Vulcans who hunted you in the endless night. That was part of what made them formidable and mysterious - something that went completely over Logan's head when he ignored the real potential of Romulans as a character race, in favor of featuring the new and scurry Nosferatu Remens and a human clone in Nemesis as the primary adversaries.

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