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Re: DS9: A continuation

A summary of To Be Over:

Season 2, 18th story
After her ordeal with the Breen, and overworking, Kira feels the stress and strain of her job, to the point where she decides to go on a two week holiday on Bajor with her family.

On Bajor she reacquaints with not only the planet, but the people, while her daughter makes a new best friend...

Warnings: occasional adult situations, one scene of strong swearing, mild violence.


To Be Over, chapter 1 part 1

Stardate: 71733.4

Day 1, 1700 hours

After the end of a gruelling shift, Kira was glad to return back to the cargo bay. Being the first officer of DS9 meant she had to coordinate the duty roster, made more difficult by the fact that DS9 was being repaired and nearly every crew member working overtime. To top it off, the number of reports seemed to have doubled which consumed much of Kira’s spare time and some much needed hours of sleep.

Since the Breen and Romulan hostilities, Starfleet was on high alert fearful that the Breen and Romulans should attack. The Badlands were a key strategic area for should any war break out, DS9 would be right on the front lines.

Walking along a corridor, Kira could not stifle a yawn as her tiredness caught up with her. Being older did not help, she had lost a little of the energy she possessed in her twenties and thirties. The one good thing was that her workload would decrease somewhat when most of DS9 had been repaired. Odo however did not seem overworked and Kira felt a little envious that Odo only needed a minimum of two hours of regeneration.

When she arrived in cargo bay three, the first thing that caught her attention was the emptiness. Over the last week the number of civilians on the station had decreased considerably. Many were scared of the Romulan attack and of the knowledge that DS9 was at the forefront of all the troubles. With the cargo bay now only at a quarter of capacity, Kira felt most grateful for this because it made things more comfortable for herself and her children.

In the far corner of the bay sat Mia and Deru on their respective mattresses eating a replicated meal. They looked somewhat subdued but Kira knew their spirits were still up…

“Hi Mia, Deru,” she said to them, once she was close to her children. “It’s good to be back.”

Both Mia and Deru put down their ceramic plates; Mia was the first to hug Kira.

“You look exhausted,” said Mia after hugging Kira and studying her mother’s face. “Are you sure they're not working you to death in Ops?”

Kira just grinned a little, before quickly hugging Deru. “How's my favourite son doing?” she said fondly.

Deru, who was already nearly as tall as Kira, quickly put on a smile. “I had an alright day, got a bit boring, but I'll manage.”

Not for one instance was Kira fooled by Deru’s upbeat tones. “We'll back in our quarters in six days time, just be patient, I know living here is not that pleasant or fun, but you're holding up really well, and I'm proud of you.”

Deru didn't seem to respond to this at all, he just stared blankly back at Kira. “When is dad coming back?”

“About an hour from now,” replied Kira. “He and his security team busted a Yrridian narcotics smuggling ring, I hear Quark could be implicated as well...”

“Sounds like fun...” said Deru a little longingly. “Catching the bad guys, throwing them in jail.”

Kira did not appreciate her son’s simplified idea of his father’s job. “Your father takes his responsibilities very seriously,” she said sternly, “and I can tell you that there is no 'fun' in arresting petty and devious criminals.”

“Beats school...” said Deru with a little shrug.

Kira wasn’t sure how to respond to that, so she sat down on her mattress with her feet upon the floor and her thighs bent upwards a little. This position gave her a small degree of comfort, though as she relaxed she noticed the strained look on Mia’s face. Mia who had also sat down on her own mattress, resumed her meal albeit appearing strangely tense.

“Mia, is something wrong?” asked Kira in a quiet voice.

“Huh?” said Mia, tearing her gaze off the floor. “Wrong? No no, I just feel tired...”

“If you want to talk about it.”

Something hardened on Mia’s face; a kind of anger. “No I don't thank you very much.”

“There's no need to take that tone of voice with me,” chided Kira, raising her eyebrows in an apprising manner.

“I'm sorry,” mumbled Mia, and she averted her eyes from Kira's gaze. “Next time I will endeavour to be more polite.”

Kira let the matter drop when a strong rumbling sensation came from her stomach, so she stood up again and headed for the cargo bay's replicator. Something was very wrong with her daughter, Kira attributed this to the time when Mia defended Quark’s bar from the Romulans. Such consternation and thoughtfulness on Mia’s part made Kira wonder just what had happened to her daughter.

The only answer that came to Kira’s head was that Mia must have killed a Romulan, possibly more than one, when defending the bar. Perhaps all of Mia’s unusual behaviour could be explained by her trying to comprehend what it felt like to kill someone...


Max walked along the Promenade taking his time as he travelled to the Replimat. Sometimes he felt the need to rush, other times he wanted to go ever so slow. All of this because of how he felt and it was starting to drive him crazy.

“Hello Max,” said Holo.

With a quick jerk of neck, Max spotted Holo. “Yeah hello...”

“Had a good day?”

“Decent,” was about all Max could say, he then forced himself to elaborate a little. “I completed a few reports, so I'm on top of my paperwork.”

“Can I join you for tea?” asked Holo.

Before Max had made up his mind, the Replimat came to view and it looked busy. “If you can find me a seat you can...”

Max waited in the queue while Holo left to find a vacant table. Slowly the queue moved forwards and about five minutes later Max had ordered his tea from the replicator. He walked back, carrying a tray in both hands, where he soon quickly spotted Holo waiting there for him to join.

Once he sat down by the table with Holo, Max got stuck in to his meal eating it with a speed that almost seemed indecent.

Holo watched this with some mild fascination. “I was thinking Max about if you would like to use our skateboarding holo-program; you and me?”

Max quickly swallowed a large mouthful of sandwich. “Which one?”

“The one with the bowl...” said Holo, giving Max a rather knowing look.

For the tiniest space of time Max was interested, but then the interest just fizzled out. “Sorry... I can't.”

“You're not interested?” asked Holo, trying to sound upbeat.

Max looked up from his tray to stare at Holo slightly disappointed face. “It's not because of you but because I just find my hobbies don't grab me anymore.”

“Perhaps after a little break you'll regain your interest?” suggested Holo.

“That could be a long break.”

Holo shook his head in a sad way. “Cheer up Max, things aren't all that bad!”

In a quick motion, Max prematurely swallowed the food in his mouth and almost choked because he was so desperate to retort back to Holo. “You know I'm getting a little sick of your insensitivity.”

All the understanding and sympathy vanished from Holo’s face, coldness became etched upon it as the mood plummeted. “And I'm getting a little sick of you acting like it is the end of the world with Tanya gone. You can't shut yourself away from the world-”

“How I grieve is none of your concern!” said Max hotly, ignoring his dinner just to glare at Holo.

The coldness thawed on Holo’s expression as he sought to pacify the situation. “I'm just saying there is a difference between grieving and being self-destructive. It's been nearly two weeks since Tanya's death and you only seemed to have become gloomier!”

“If I want to be gloomy then that's my right,” said Max moodily and he picked up his fork whilst staring at in a distracted way. “Now if you don't mind I want to eat alone.”

“Max...” started Holo, sounding rather wounded.

Max switched his gaze to Holo. “Alone please, before I do something stupid,” he said in a very forced and controlled manner.

Holo stood up, briefly he held his hands out in a pacifying gesture, staring at Max through disbelieving eyes.

Despite the hurt look on Holo’s face, Max focused on the table and continued to do so until he sensed that Holo was leaving the table. There was all this anger inside of Max, and now with Holo gone, Max did not think anything of it and continued his tea.

It was only after he left the Replimat did he start to feel the first pangs of guilt for his atrocious behaviour towards his friend.


Once inside Odo’s office, Kira took a chair in front of the desk and slumped into it. Leaning over, she rested her elbows upon the desk while her hands cradled her heavy head.

Odo, who took up his usual position by the desk, looked at Kira with concern and empathy. “You look wasted...”

“It's been this week,” mumbled Kira, “repairing the station, additional reports... But I've got everything finished that I wanted to finish on this station...”

“And then you are ready for a vacation?” asked Odo.

Kira straightened her back to let it rest against the chair, likewise her arms lay against the side-supports as vented the tension out of her body. Tilting her head to the left she met Odo's gaze through tired eyes. “I am...”

Odo’s eyes were twinkling, it seemed he also was looking forward to a break as much as Kira was. “We've talked quite a bit about the vacation, but where do we stay?”

“We'll use Shakaar's holiday home,” replied Kira. “I'll ask Shakaar if he is using it, I'm certain he's not, and he will be more than happy to lease his home to us.”

“I've always liked these trips to Bajor, Dahkur province has such beautiful scenery.”

“It's where I grew up,” murmured Kira, and her head rested squarely against the headrest of the chair as she stared reminiscently at a point above her husband. “The memories I have of Dahkur province -- when I was younger -- still move me, despite the occupation.”

“When do you want to depart?” asked Odo.

“The day after tomorrow, it will give me time to arrange a call to Shakaar, a call to the ministry of defence, and to tell Ezri about our plans.”


Day 2, 1000 hours

The door chimed in the commander's office which Ezri took as an opportunity to disregard her work, she pressed a command on her console to open the double doors. “Enter,” she said and looked over towards her visitors.

Both Kira and Odo entered at the same time, while Odo looked calm in contrast Kira seemed a little tense.

“Colonel, constable, to what do I owe this surprise?” asked Ezri warmly.

Kira was the first to explain herself. “Remember captain our private discussion about my vacation plans?”

“I do...”

Odo looked at Kira before continuing on with her explanation. “Well both Nerys and I have decided that we're starting our two week vacation tomorrow. The Bajoran ministry of defence has given us shore-leave permission...”

“But we also want your permission to take a leave of absence from our posts,” added Kira.

“How thoughtful...” said Ezri. “I've already made contingency plans for your absence, so enjoy yourselves.”

“Captain?” Kira asked, appearing both confused and surprised.

Amusement made the corner's of Ezri's mouth curl upwards. “I give you permission for your vacation!”

“Oh right...” said Kira blandly. “Well thank you captain.”

“Same here,” said Odo appreciatively.

Ezri gave the two a small smile and her eyes twinkled in genuine affection. “You two have earned this for all the hard work you have given running this station.”

“I still feeling a bit guilty about taking this break...” muttered Kira.

Odo looked at his wife with exasperation. “Nerys please don't change your mind!”

Just as Kira was about to respond, Ezri chipped in. “Listen Kira, I could order doctor Bashir to give you a leave of absence on medical grounds.”

Seeing Ezri’s resolute face, Kira looked down at the floor briefly. “Alright!” she burst out. “You all want me off the station!”

“Something like that,” said Ezri, grinning a little.

With a small nod to dismiss Kira and Odo, Ezri watched the couple leave her office, while her grin faded. When the doors closed, Ezri picked up the padd and resumed reading it.
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