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If you don't take it too seriously, and just watch it for what it was, a purely fantastical look at Hollywood, then it is a fine piece of escapism popcorn entertainment.
....until the whole "drug addiction" plotline in later seasons.

Some of it was pretty much true to life...
Considering one of the producers was Mark Wahlberg and it was loosely based on his rise to fame, not surprising.

...but most of the time it did seem like someone's fantasy about how Hollywood works and how actors careers go. depicted here

As for the way it ended, it clearly was designed to set up a "franchise" onto the big screen if you will, the way Sex In The City did.
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How Entourage should have ended: Vince's career tanked. Ari finally realized that the biggest agent in Hollywood had more important (and lucrative) clients to deal with than a washed up pretty boy with a self indulgent streak. Drama's cartoon lasted three episodes.

Lloyd, now managing both brothers, gets Vince and Drama a reality show: "Keeping up with the Chases." The ending of the series is a reality show version of the "Entourage" opening, with Vince and Drama riding in the convertable, only it's broad daylight and there are wacky interspersed bits of Turtle's restaurant, Billy directing a movie, Lloyd's agency and the dog where the neon used to be. No Ari. The final shot, over the "oh yeah" of the theme song are fake credits that say "Produced by Eric "E" Murphy and Ryan Secrest." Fade to black and the actual credits for the series.

It would leave the door open for a movie (the Chase Brothers getting back on top) but also satirize modern Hollywood, the celebrity culture and the reality show trend.
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