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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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*Sigh* another boutique project that will likely be WAY overpriced. CBS/Paramount really needs to stop doing this to the fans.

Assuming you're working a full time job, how hard is it to put away $20 a week?

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1) that's a big assumption, and
I was out of work in October 2010 (when the Ron Jones set came out) and had been for the previous five months, scraping by on unemployment, trying to find work and get by. And yet having heard of the box set in advance I was able to scrounge up and save my pennies and was able to buy it the day it was released.

2) even if it were true, that's still a lot of money.

I admit, that even at a discounted price, a 15 disc set is going to be a bit pricey. Why not split it up into individual volumes so that people could buy it in sections? Or only buy the parts they REALLY want. Why is it "all or nothing"?
You obviously have no idea how this industry works. As has been mentioned, the Ron Jones set was eventually split in to single disc releases, so it's entirely possible that if you wait a little while (dammit, there's that pesky non-instant gratification thing!) you'll be able to get the discs individually.

And whether it's La-La Land or CBS/Para or whomever, Trek has always been pushed out at a premium price. It's wrong, and they should have more consideration for the fans.

3-4x industry standard MSRP for a season set on DVD (to use another example) is price gouging, pure and simple. Even at a discount, expect to pay at least 2x the going rate.
How can you say La-La Land is "price gouging" when they're the ones who took on the entire cost of researching, rescuing, transferring, remastering, and producing this entire project? You are completely clueless as to the amount of work these guys put in to something like this, let alone a single disc release. This isn't like taking a couple low-grade crappy starship designs and cutting and pasting different parts together to get an even lower-grade, crappier design out of the mix. This is actual work and artistry and the guys at La-La Land should (and will) get commensurate compensation for their efforts.
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