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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)


If you have not read the book "Fallen Gods" by Michael A. Martin IN ITS ENTIRETY, do not read this post.

OK, so I think I missed something. Right near the end of the book, on page. 329, Ensign Vallah says to Pava, "And he's still upset about having to sign that agreement."

To which agreement was he referring? Both Pava and Vallah refer to an agreement which all of the Andorian officers aboard Titan have signed, but I don't remember any scene in the book in which such an agreement was signed. Am I missing something? Is this something that happens in another Typhon Pact book, that is referred to here?

Not that big a deal, really. It is just one of those things that didn't add up as I was finishing the novel, that made me scratch my head.

Oh and as for opinion, I thought it was a good, solid book. It wasn't spectacular, but it was a good, entertaining Trek novel, which is all you can really ask for. I paid my $8, I got a novel that kept me turning the pages, and kept me entertained. No complaints here. Keep on writing, Mr. Martin!
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