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Re: Batman: Unauthorized...

Note this book was published awhile after Batman Begins and shortly before The Dark Knight.


Introduction by Dennis O'Neil

Keeping It Real In Gotham by Robert Brian Taylor - reinventing and adapting classic heroes and Batman may be part of a small sub genre called "pulp noir."

Two Of A Kind by Lou Anders - an interesting look at the Joker and his relationship to Batman.

Frank Miller's New Batman And The Grotesque by Geoff Klock - a look at Frank Miller's takes on Batman from The Dark Knight Returns onward.

Holy Signifier, Batman! by Nicak Mamatas - a new look at the Adam West television series and what it really means.

The Cost Of Being Batman by Darren Hudson Hick - in the real world what would it cost you to be like Batman?

Ra's al Ghul: Father Figure As Terrorist by Michael Marano - looking at the relationship between Ra's al Ghul and Batman.

The Dubious Origins Of The Batman by Alan J. Porter - who really created The Dark Knight?

Why Doesn't Bruce Wayne Retire Already? by Chris Roberson - why doesn't Bruce Wayne ever pass the torch and how is he kept going decade after decade?

The Madness Of Arkham Asylum by Paul Lytle - what is Arkham really good for and what it represents.

Robin: Innocent Bystander by Jake Black - why does Batman allow a youth to accompany him on his crusade?

Batman In Outer Space by Mike W. Barr - a look at the often dismissed sci-fi era of Batman's history and what worth there might be there.

Gotham's First Family by Mary Borsellino - the why and how of Bruce Wayne's parents and their role in creating Batman.

What's Wrong With Bruce Wayne? by Robin S. Rosenberg - questioning wheather Bruce Wayne is psychologically flawed.

The Batman We Deserve by Daniel M. Kimmel - looking at Batman's evolution through the years.

To The Batpole! by Alex Bledsoe - an amusing look at a significant moment in young Bruce's life.

Heroes Of Darkness And Light by John C. Wright - the differences between Superman and Batman and why the Dark Knight is sexier.

Batman In The Real World by Kristine Kathryn Rusch - why Batman is a truly iconic American hero.

Batman, The Failure by David Seidman - why Batman's crusade, his methods and his very existence is ultimately pointless.
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