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Re: One-year countdown thread!

1979, one of my favorite years.

I've been waiting for a guide to come
and take me by the hand
could these sensations make me feel
the pleasures of a normal man

From their first and sadly penultimate record.

But cool stuff was going on in the land of the sun as well as pallor-ous isles.. This was released in 1979 as a b-side originally. The HORRORS of Linda Ronstadt's lover..

California uber alles
California uber alles
Uber alles California
Uber alles California

Zen fascists will control you
100% natural
you will jog for the master race
and always wear a happy face

The Cure is about to disappear from the countdown

From their first album:

So freaking good..

10:15 Saturday night
and the tap drips
under the strip light
and I'm sitting in the kitchen sink

And finishing off with the Anthem of the Era:

A nuclear error but I have no fear
London is drowning but I live by the river

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