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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

55. Hot Fuzz: B
56. Total Recall (2012): A-
57. Total Recall (1990): B+
58. Hardware: D+
59. The Bourne Legacy: A-

This film continues the story element gimmick of overlapping part of the prior movie. I would call this movie more of a suspense thriller with a few action sequences than strictly an action movie. I was impressed with Renner, after MI:4, Avengers and now this he has full on action cred in my book.
I would say that I would've liked a bit more backstory on Cross but what we got was good enough for the story I'm just being greedy.
I think the movie succeeded at what it's goal was which was to show how now that Bourne has blown things wide open with Treadstone and Black Briar how far down the rabbit hole do things go. That's what this film did was show the audience just how sideways things were going while Bourne was wrapping up in part 3.
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