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Saturday 8/11 James Mason
5:30 PM Journey to the Center of the Earth (’59)
I just caught this one. Haven't seen it in a long time. I wasn't sure I wanted to revisit it, but it's actually a pretty good movie, if you can tolerate the musical numbers from Pat Boone, the barely-attempted "Scottish" accents, and the very weak acting from Diane Baker in a role that becomes quite minor after the first act. The script is good, with some clever dialogue, and James Mason and Arlene Dahl are strong leads. There's not a lot of scientific credibility in the story, yet there's some excellent dialogue about how science works as a discipline and why it's important to explore the unknown.

And of course the "Dimetrodon" iguanas with glued-on sails were a cheesy blast of nostalgia from my childhood. Plus I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that the film never made the mistake of referring to Dimetrodon as a species of dinosaur. (It actually predated the dinosaurs by 30 million years and belonged to the synapsids, the category of animal from which mammals descended, rather than reptiles.)

The next couple of weeks on TCM seem to be devoid of anything in the SF/fantasy area. The only things I can find with even peripheral genre interest are:

Requiem for a Heavyweight, Mon. Aug. 20, 10:45 AM: Written by Rod Serling
The Three Musketeers (1948), Tue. 8/21, 10:30 AM: If Robin Hood counts as a "superhero," maybe the Musketeers do?
Inherit the Wind, Wed. 8/22, 2 AM: Not science fiction, but it's about science and society.
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