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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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All the nice Latino lads and nurses who stayed behind in Atlanta to look after the elderly people at that nursing home/hospital are in for a nasty surprise...

Yeah, I've been thinking that ever since we saw them in that nursing home...
'The Walking Dead': Deleted scene from original season 2 opening reveals abandoned storyline -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
  • In this exclusive clip following Shane’s rescue, we see the survivors trying to seek shelter with some familiar faces from season 1— Guillermo and the Vatos. But when Rick and Co. arrive back at the nursing home where Glenn was once held hostage, well…the people they find there are not people at all, setting off a frenzied attack. Click on the video player below to see for yourself.

    And to see what happens when they go inside the building, as well as to hear showrunner Glen Mazzara’s very candid commentary on why the entire escape from Atlanta storyline was cut, check out the set when it is released on August 28.

Looks like they got that nasty surprise pretty quickly, after all...
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