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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

Loved the finale. The Dallas return has really surprised me. I was a fan of the old one when i was a kid. I didnt watch every episode of course. It was on late and there was always school. But had fond memories of all the talk it generated among my parents and other family members. So i was not going to miss this show. So I was excited for this but skeptical.

The last scenes of the finale along with Johnny Cashs, God's Gonna Cut You Down were excellent. Favorite scene was the pull away of JR and John Ross. Cant get better than that.

January should be here before we know it.

Oh did anyone watch the tnt roundup afterwards? Larry Hagman has regained some weight now. He looked great. I hope he is able to stay with the show for some time. Its great seeing him on a weekly show again.
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