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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Investation (Babylon 5) - This was a good episode. I have to say that, while this shows special effects are lacking, they know how to do alien make up. This episode doesn't seem to have been too important to the overall series, but it was entertaining.
You mean "Infection"? Wow. You're far kinder towards it than most viewers.

Thanks to a comment by JMS in the script books, I now know what he was trying to do with the episode (I can't get into details without major spoilers). But I still think it failed.
I meant Infection. I really don't get what was the problem with it. It wasn't mindblowing or anything, but I didn't notice any glaring problems. Its only the fourth B5 episode I've seen, but everyone seemed to be in character, and the plot, while probably pointless to the series as a whole, was standard sci-Fi stuff. It had flaws (I think it would have been better if the machine thing hadn't started talking, the commander talking it to death was kind of stupid, and the racism part was overdone), and it was forgettable. All shows have episodes like that, especially in the first season.

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