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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Oh, and what happened to discussions about a JL movie?
Is there anything more to discuss at the moment? I read that the Affleck rumors didn't pan out, that he turned them down. I haven't heard any other news since.
Your point is well taken. However I felt I should acknowledge we'd gone off topic and give us a chance to get back to it.

I had a thought the other day that a good way to make a JL movie distinct from The Avengers is to do just the opposite of an origin story -- treat it more like an office drama with the team already in place and let the audience get to know them through their interactions and their work...
Interesting. I had a similar idea after the Singer Superman movie. Had the movie been better received, but given the need to move forward in some way other than 'Superman and Son,' I thought the sequel could have been 'Superman: Justice League,' with Clark as a newcomer to a team of familiar heroes (including Flash, GL and WW) preparing for an attack by Brainiac. Then they could spin off those heroes into their own films.
Have Diana comment on how much simpler things were back on Themyscira, growing up with the Amazons.
At the risk of getting off topic again, after 'Thor,' i don't understand why WB can't see that a full blown myth based WW couldn't work.
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