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(if soft-boiled eggs aren't your thing, toast soldiers are also cool with soft baked eggs)
I have never boiled or baked an egg in my life (and honestly, I don't think I've ever even heard of anyone baking an egg), nor do I see any reason why I would.

That said, dipping toast into the yolk of an over-easy fried egg...that is something I can get behind.
Boiled and poached eggs are a healthier, more delicate (more "egg-flavoured", if that makes sense) version of fried eggs. Try them if you're bored one day.

Baked eggs are done in little butter-lined ramekins (you may know them by their French name: oeufs en cocotte, though I'm not certain if that refers to the whole genre or a specific sub-variant). It's not something I've bothered to cook in a while, but the nice thing about cooking them this way is that you can really vary what else you add to the ramekin to make miniature "one-pot" type dishes. For instance, a bit of prosciutto to line the ramekin and some parmesan & pepper on top. Or a bit of buttered spinach to line the bottom and the egg on top with a little cream & cheese and nutmeg to finish for a speedy/simple version of eggs florentine. Or... well, the list goes on.

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I find it amazing how much the taste of an egg changes from raw to fully cooked.
It really does, doesn't it.

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This image inspired me to have soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers for breakfast this morning.
You're a good woman.

For me, it always takes me back to my childhood, especially if the toast is buttered lightly and just a trace of acacia honey drizzled on top before cutting them up into soldiers. If you want to add another layer of flavour, a really small amount of cheddar on top works wonders with both the honey and the egg. Not the simple classic, but an interesting variant I liked as a kid (and therefore still do!)
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