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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

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Why couldn't they just do a fresh interpretation of the actual short story? Why did it have to be Total Recall - The Remake: Without Mars?
Weren't people defending this remake saying how it was going to be more faithful to the short story?
At first, though, that's what it was thought it was going to be. More faithful to the source material. It turned out to just be an almost note-for-note remake of the Ahnold Governorator movie, minus Mars. Which, now, really seems like a silly thing to have dropped given the "problems" the new idea had and how it didn't add anything. At least with Mars it'd have an interesting location to visit to give the movie some special aspect.

I was telling a friend about this movie and I said that while it was good it doesn't hold up the the original. And the original, let us be honest, isn't that good. It corny and cheesy as hell and is a pretty darn typical 80s (yes it was released in 1990 but the movie is very much more indicative of the 1980s, the decade in which it was produced) Schwarzenegger action movie. But that's just it and what made it "good" because Arnold is 80s/90s action movie awesome.

Here we are 22 years after that movie came out and it can still be very much called something of a "classic" for its time. People remember and quote lines from it all of the time, remember the eye-bulging scene in the Martian atmosphere it has it all.

In 22 years people won't be quoting Colin Ferrel's rather pedestrian performance in this movie. Or thinking of Kate Beckinsale as just one of those "movie villains" you love to hate. (Like Ronny Cox and Michael Ironside manged to pull off in many of their more memorable roles.)
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