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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

Christopher wrote: View Post
^Of course, we have seen the character again, three years ago, played by Bruce Greenwood. And he definitely wasn't the same morose, brooding guy he was in "The Cage," which fits pretty well with what you and I have both said.
Not to get into another canon argument with you (please!), but this is like the situation with Zephram Cochrane... two different actors playing the characters decades apart, with completely different interpretations that completely screw up the timeline.

If Pike was morose and brooding in "The Cage" - just think how much MORE upset he'd be if he had to contend with an arrogant little smartass like Kirk at the same time!

Matt S wrote: View Post
Side note, this thread got me to wondering about Hunter; I knew he died young, but this was from the Wiki:

While in Spain to film the Chicago Mafia story ˇViva América! (1969), Hunter was injured in an on-set explosion, suffering facial lacerations from broken glass as well as powder burns. Shortly thereafter, an old friend, a former British commando, unintentionally hit him on the chin with a karate chop when Hunter, who knew judo, failed to defend himself in time and the back of his head slammed against a door. While on the plane with his wife returning to the United States, Hunter's right arm suddenly became semi-paralyzed and he lost the power of speech. Upon landing, he was taken directly from the plane to Valley hospital in Los Angeles where it was determined he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. He recovered and was released after a couple of weeks. At his home in Van Nuys, California, Hunter continued complaining of headaches and dizziness. Shortly after signing to co-star with Vince Edwards in The Desperados (1969), Hunter suffered another cerebral hemorrhage while on a short flight of steps in his living room and collapsed, fracturing his skull. It is not known how long he had been unconscious when he was finally found. He died during surgery to repair the skull without ever regaining consciousness. He was 42.
Hunter was interred at Glen Haven Memorial Park, in Sylmar, California.[7]

What the? That sounds too bizarre!
A very sad series of events. I wonder if current knowledge might have saved him? Or, considering just how fast and how silent a killer this condition can be, maybe it was just inevitable.
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