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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

As glorious as am sure it will be out of my price league, and there's no way that will sneak past UK customs without import duty.

Smaller sets I may have considered.

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It's why Paramount can charge $150 for a season of TNG when it first came out on DVD - they know the nerds will drop the cash for it.
Whilst your post wasn't directed at me, I should say I have no regrets at the price I paid for the DVDs, it was still a great deal cheaper than the videos.

And in fact TNG on DVD was never overpriced. It was just everything else (mostly brand new shows) that were coming out were underpriced, compared to what they should have been. X Files was another people complained about, and is probably to blame for the TNG price. But it was only fractionally more than their (cheap!) VHS releases of the same time. They could hardly release a superior product at a cheaper price. That's where the price stuck. But if you look at all the newer shows, most never had VHS releases, the proven market wasn't there. The Sci-fi audience demonstrated it would pay double figures for two episodes, so why sell them for a fraction of it.

I fully respect why music releases cost what they do.

It's just when I'm asked to spend a lot in one go - saved up or not - I realise I just don't need the music that much. I'm more a collector, than a listener.

For what I would listen to more than once highlights are enough for me. I've got all the single releases and the TNG set, but not the Ron Jones set, and I won't get this.

So I suppose I'm more of a casual listener. Put it this way - I never realised this was a holy grail, I assumed GNP had released most and the rest was just recycled!

Compared to the other Trek, TOS had been rather spoiled already....
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