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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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*Sigh* another boutique project that will likely be WAY overpriced. CBS/Paramount really needs to stop doing this to the fans.

Assuming you're working a full time job, how hard is it to put away $20 a week?

I swear, people have such a sense of entitlement these days. God forbid anyone actually save their money for a while instead of having to buy buy buy RIGHT THIS SECOND. And Trek fans are sometimes the worst about it, because there's just such a high ratio of fans who have instant-gratification syndrome. It's why Paramount can charge $150 for a season of TNG when it first came out on DVD - they know the nerds will drop the cash for it.

But this isn't Paramount selling this set, it's La-La Land. And La-La Land has an unblemished record (pun intended) for getting genre-friendly releases out to the fans and usually at affordable prices. The Ron Jones Project was an epic undertaking and given that shortly after its release it was already being bootlegged, we should be on our hands and knees thanking the guys at La-La Land for venturing forth in to another big Trek project like this.

And that's is nothing to say about how the cost of this set is relative to the amount of work that actually went in to producing it. Do you have any idea how much time, effort and work the guys at La-La Land do on any given album they release, let alone a megaset like this? I'm guessing you don't, or you at least haven't taken the time to consider it based on your cavalier, self-absorbed response. Grow the fuck up.
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