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Re: Lacey Chabert: Babe of the week #33 (Aug. 2012)

She was adorable in Lost in Space. She couldn't do anything but grow up gorgeous.

I watched Lost in Space the other night, randomly picking it off the shelf and here's a GB with Lacey. It's still entertaining and had some fun action scenes. The world design was pretty cool too, with the nanotech, starfighters, FTL robots, energy weapons, and variable-size, breast-conforming suits for the ladies. And Gary Oldman as Dr. Smith! Gold!

The guy who played Moriarty in the latest Sherlock Holmes flick was the future son, but I could have sworn they dubbed his lines with an American actor, cause he sounded nothing like he usually does. Very strange.

EDIT: Oh, and look, it's the super-hot girl from Not Another Teen Movie!

A link for it, if that works out better:

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