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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

DNA Mad Scientist (Farscape) - This episode really shocked me. It was an interesting episode, but it really changed some of the characters to me. Rygel and Ka D'Argo obviously had loose definitions of right and wrong, and Zhaan has some kind of dark past, but what they did to Pilot was downright evil. They held him down and removed an arm. I get why he didn't try to get revenge or anything, but it was bad. I never thought they were paragons of virtue, but to finally see that they'd sell anyone for just a chance to get home was eye opening. Its not like it effects my enjoyment of the series or anything, and honestly the fact that they totally shocked me could be good in that it makes the show more unpredictable (not that it was predictable before). Now, I honestly want them to get punished for what they did. I still like them as characters and find them interesting. I'm guessing the writers intended this episode to show the audience that these characters aren't misunderstood or wrongfully accused criminals. They may have their good sides, but they are vicious and really have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. Like I said before, its shocking, but it does add a new twist to the series. Either that, or the writers screwed up and they won't do something like this again, and this episode was just a mistake while trying to get a handle on the characters personalities. Either way, its changed my perceptions of them. I do like that Aeryn and John were consistant, and we see more development with Aeryn, who, like John, was shocked about what they did to pilot. I figured she would be, but compared to the average peacekeeper, or her self in the first few episodes, its a change. She's had consistant character growth, which I think has been done well. I did like how aeryne was shocked (along with John) by what they did to pilot. she's come a long way from being just an average peacekeeper, looking down her nose at aliens. She's had good, consistant character growth, and I'd say her and John are my favorite characters so far.

Infection (Babylon 5) - This was a good episode. I have to say that, while this shows special effects are lacking, they know how to do alien make up. This episode doesn't seem to have been too important to the overall series, but it was entertaining.

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