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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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but the Marvel comics themselves are full of heroes with codes against killing, including Captain America and Iron Man.
They will both avoid killing if they can but both have killed when needed - hell in the last update of Stark's origin (which I think is the Ellis version) he uses a flamethrower to kill people while escaping.
As far as the 80s references were made to Stark being willing to kill if need be, most notably a sequence involving the Molecule Man (where, interestingly enough, Cap was the one trying to talk Iron Man out of it). And, I could be wrong but I seem to recall a conversation in the Infinity Gauntlet where Iron Man, along with Wolverine and Hulk were approached by Warlock precisely because they were willing to kill Thanos if need be while the other heroes generally had "the code."

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Batman saving the Joker is no different from the duty of any police officer...It's one thing to use deadly force against someone who presents an immediate, active threat to another person's life. But if that person is injured or unconscious and poses no immediate danger, then there's no justification for killing them, or for letting them die...
My mom's second husband was a cop, and I have to say, the idea that cops in general behave this way is, um, not true. I personally met at least 3 people who either killed the guy who killed their partner, or stood by while a fellow cop killed the guy who killed another cop....
As Christopher points out, just because some cops broke the rule doesn't mean the rule doesn't exist.

Batman not killing except in a 'self defense' situation makes sense. Similarly, Batman not rescuing Ras when it would have been unreasonable for him to do so due to circumstances is largely consistent with common law/common sense versions of the "justification" doctrine.

Oh, and what happened to discussions about a JL movie?
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