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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The Toys 'R' Us Ewok and Yavin Pilot multipacks are starting to hit stores this weekend. The pricepoint on each is a hefty $39.99, but considering you get five figures and a bunch of accessories in each set and the price of just one regular carded figure is now hovering at around ten bucks it's a really good deal. Also, it's hard to complain much when you realize we're finally getting a much needed, more articulated upgrade of Porkins from ANH as well as the first Princess Kneesaa toy since the eighties.

Also, keep your eyes peeled at your local Kmart if you have one. The exclusive AT-ST Scout Walker in a Vintage Collection box is also starting to show up here and there. It runs $34.99 and comes with no figures, but it's a reuse and nice repaint of a pretty good mold from a few years ago and that retro-'80s box is pretty sweet.
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