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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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This is bullshit. I bought mine at Best Buy, on release day, and I get SCREWED OVER.

Why should those who bought on Amazon get complete replacement sets, when others only get certain discs replaced? They're now talking about fixing other problems - what if those are on discs that are not being replaced.
I don't understand what the big deal is myself. I got mine at Best Buy too, and from what I can tell the rest of the set is pretty much flawless. The only other "issue" that's been found is that (barely noticeable) missing phaser beam in Heart of Glory, and I can easily live with that.

Personally I've been so blown away by the episodes I have seen, that I'm glad I didn't have to wait any longer to see them. And the others will come in the mail later and I'll watch them. Perfectly fine.

Yeah they screwed up, but it was an honest mistake which they're now correcting; no reason for anyone get all bitter and nasty about it.
The primary problem I have is that not all customers are being treated the same and/or equally.

What is being done is varying based on where you happened to buy it.

Some get complete new sets, others get a few specific discs replaced.

Plus the communication hasn't been the greatest.

I won't put out money for the same season again.

And I may be hesitant to buy others, depending upon how this settles out. This could be the worst impact of this whole mess.
It's entirely possible that this different treatment has nothing to do with CBS at all and is entirely down to Amazon. If they decide to go above and beyond what other retailers are doing by sending out complete replacements as a good will gesture from their new stock (which could actually be a fairly smart move, whatever the hit they may take on sending out those sets will likely be made up for by the fact a lot of people who brought season 1 elsewhere will be going to Amazon for the rest of the series if no one else does this), I'm not sure what CBS are supposed to do about it. Tell them not to undercut their competitors?
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