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Re: Robert e Howard,Edgar rice Burroughs & H.P.lovecraft comics & book

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Only films I've seen that come close to Lovecraft spirit/atmosphere are Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness and especially Cigarette Burns.
You don't mean to say you've never seen...

(The Mist)

Wow, that's spooky I was just thinking this very morning after started reading Call of Cthulhu whether there were any other Lovecraftian films I might have seen. Two came to mind: Cloverfield and The Mist. Cloverfield I decided , nah, more a bog-standard monster flick, and The Mist seems plotwise more like Assault On Precinct 13-with-nasties. But I did think, yeah, the actual design of the other things and their origin, the New England-y setting, and that bleak final scene and gargantuan creatures were very much in Lovecraft spirit

PS: Thanks for link, Australis That made my morning
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