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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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If Star Fleet is fighting against the Son'a why would they be interested in the Son'a process in the first place? Such trades usually do not happen if parties are at war with each other.
So? That's another change. The Sona aren't working with the Dominion. I mean, Deanna raised a good point in the movie - why was the Federation working with them?

Plus if the Son'a are presented as just evil, how is this a gray area?

A moral dilemma needs muddied waters to work, Picard will be far more conflicted fighting against star Fleet, then some random aliens who are given no real redeeming qualities. If the Son'a are just presented as evil, then how do they make valid point and how is this situation gray?
The grey area is not "Who's the bad guy? Starfleet admiral or the Son'a?"

The grey area is, "Is it right to kick these people out of their home to gain what they have?"
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