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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

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Just... why?
Because I don't want my epic fantasy film looking like a soap opera, thankyouverymuch.
While I am never want one new format to completely overshadow the options of seeing it in the other, the estimate is that they would (for the first one at least) only be able to get 48 frames in 50% of theaters so it seems very unlikely that the majority of people would be unable to see the film in 24 frames.

BUt I can't wait to see it 48 frames, now though I am wondering how far I am going to have to travel to see it in that form. But I was always going to see it 24 frames normal, 24 frames 3D, 48 frames normal and 48 frames 3D to make a valid comparison of it.

For example Avatar is really one of only about three films that I liked the 3D on (though it was still beautiful without it). But most films are not shot in 3D there are done after production. The hobbit was filmed for 3D and filmed for 48 frames, they actually have to convert it down to 24 frames. I generally like to see films how they were filmed for, if possible and then the standard way for comparison.
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