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Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
Yeah, you never know. They're clearly taking a somewhat different approach to single-player DLC with ME3 than with ME2, which makes sense because if the trilogy were a television series (bear with me) ME2 would still be set at a point in which more one-offs would be accepted by rabid fans wanting to know how it all ends. Overlord, Kasumi... fantastic one-offs. Leviathan's blatantly more grounded in the framework of the main arc.
And then there was ME3's very first DLC. I don't care what Bioware claimed, having a prothean squadmate *was* central to the main plot.

ATimson wrote: View Post
On the one hand, that makes sense.

On the other hand if what they do now fleshes out the main arc too much, people are going to whine about how it should've been in the base game instead.

Damned either way.
Well people will always whine, the internets being the internets. That shouldn't stop anyone from doing what they think is a good idea.
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