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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

i think i'll repeat much of what has been said.

My onew original thought: i thought John Cho's brief appearance was great. And witht he blond hair & facial hair, made me think of him as his character, rather than John Cho in another movie. A lot of passion that worked for him. (But too brief)

The special effects were really good. Where the Arnold movie had some bad ones...these were consistently good.

For the Fall..i'd be willing to suspend disbelief, just because it's "original" . Though of course lots of reasons to diss it (really, a cross world commute is needed all the time???). But itg looked cool and gave a great excuse for Quaid to get the upper hand.

The movie was just not "fun"...nor made me think. The ad campaign would have worked with Arnold's...but it feels like no attempt was made to make us (or even Quaid) question what is real or not.

I wouldn't have needed all the one-liner's Arnold's movie had...but a few more lines (or really a comic relief character) would have helped a lot.

The should have named this Total Rekall (with a "K") and could have had a simpler web site name.

I didn't want to see Amazing Spiderman becuase it just seemed too close to the originals for a remake, and nothing seems to be added. After seeing Recall, i wish i would have seen Spiderman, or even The Campaign instead.

The commercials made me think this was not just a ripoff of the Arnold TR but also of the 5th Element (with the hover cars), and perhaps other stuff too. But my wife really wanted to see it.

I give this movie a B-.

P.S. We saw this Friday night at 8pm today/yesterday. There were only 4 people in the theater. Not a good sign, i think.
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