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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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By that logic everyone is a killer at all times no matter what they do.
No. If you're in a situation where you know something is going to cause the death of another person and you actively choose not to rescue that person out of spite for what they have done. Then it makes your moral of "not killing" not hold-up.

It's not like Batman had to get out of there as soon as he could to save his own life, or had to make a Sophie's Choice and choose to save one of two people and went with the "better" person. He actively chose not to save someone because he instantly decided to judge a person's actions and then sentence them to death.

This isn't like me not putting myself in the line of fire to prevent a gunman from shooting an innocent, or not diving in front of a bus to save someone from getting hit by it.

This is like me going down with you on a sinking ship, jumping into a lifeboat and calling to you trapped under debris or otherwise stranded and saying, "I don't have to save you!" and then taking off without helping you get aboard even though time would have allowed it.

Now, sure, it's not an "active" killing. But it certainly would make one saying, "I don't kill!" a little harder to swallow and should make one have a hard time sleeping tonight.

Yeah, Ra's was murderer and potential mass-murderer but he's still "entitled" to being saved, arrested and then tried as a criminal. Batman didn't "not save" him in order to save other lives, the threat was over. Batman had won. Ra's plan was kaput. So it wasn't even a "in defense of others "killing."

Batman choose to let another person die. Out of spite.

At first I thought it was a typo, but he spelled it Wheedon twice. I have NO idea why Trekker4747 mispelled Whedon's name when he quoted my post which already got his name correct.
I have a shitty keyboard (well, it was okay until I spilled a drink on it now the keys are all gummy and don't feel right) and, well, I'll go with that.
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