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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Disagree. Whedon has shown much more talent with Buffy, Angel and Firefly along with his background as a comic writer before he made it big with The Avengers.
He's shown talent, for sure. I don't disagree at all there. But look at it from the perspective of a movie studios and producers. What clout did he have there? Buffy and Angel. Firefly? Canceled. Dollhouse? Canceled. "Serenity" - not a successful run at the BO.

Whedon is very talented, for sure. And when he has as much control over something as possible he can do a great job. And Firefly's failure is almost entirely on bungling by Fox, but I'd hardly think he was a "sure thing" when it came to his history looking at it straight from a Success/Failure standpoint.

One thing going for him was the extreme fan following he had and that, well, Avengers was going to do good no matter what even if Uwe Boll made it. (Granted it wouldn't have done nearly as good in such a case.)

Point is, I think Kevin Smith could have as much, erm, "weight" to toss around as Wheedon at the very least when it comes to their connections with comics and their fan followings.
Out of hope.

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