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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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^^^ There seems to be some debate about that particular aspect of his script. Some believe that he may have found a way to tie the two series together as a clear bridge to make them both in the same universe.
Dear God please NO! Don't pollute the classic BSG with Moore's version. I came to like NuG well enough, but as it's OWN thing, not as part of the same universe. Keep them well seperate!.
Hah! I feel exactly the opposite. I'd just as soon they forget about the original version, and let it rest in peace as a nostalgic relic of the seventies, and make any new versions more like the modern show . . . which was infinitely better, IMHO.

(I confess I never got into the original show, even back in the day. I remember liking Buck Rogers better.)
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