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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Didn't we already go over this? I never said they WERE lions. I'm basing my gripe on what we do know of felines and convergent evolution, which in Star Trek, seems to be a big thing with regards to similarities between species.
This is what's tripping you up; they aren't felines. Your housecat has more in common genetically with your houseferns than with them.

The Caitians were a felinoid species.

The feline appearance of Caitians includes long manes and a tail.

Nothing is "tripping" me up. I never said anything about genetics and Earth life being DIRECTLY related to alien life. Convergent evolution doesn't require that. But since you apparently know something about the biology of Caitians vs Earth cats vs Earth houseferns, then by all means, explain further. Last I checked:

a cat and a Caitian are both identified as "feline" or "felinoid"
a cat and Catian have two eyes
a cat and a Caitian have fur
a cat and a Caitian have 4 limbs
a cat and Caitian are both able to move from place to place and are agile

Pretty sure a "housefern" is NONE of the above, but do go on...

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