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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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It's not like the 3 defective discs are somehow diseased and make the entire set defective.

All you gotta do is plop in the replacement disks when they come, and voilą, you have a perfect set.
Yes, but the concern is that there are going to be corrections outside of those 3 disks. I have no problem with only receiving 3 disks if any addional changes are only being made to those disks.
Again, there hasn't been any reason to believe that there are changes outside the 3 discs. Chances are, what's going to happen is these retailers are going to wait until they get their fixed sets and just send out copies of those to help with the customer service aspect. I doubt CBS is going out of their way to do work on these other discs and would still only replace the 3 discs, because they know the PR nightmare that would create.
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