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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aurelan, his sister-in-law during the 2250s and 2260s in the Prime timeline.
B is for Blonde technician who James Kirk almost married.
C is for Carol Marcus, with whom he fathered a child, and quite possibly that blonde tech.
D is for Dimorus, where Gary Mitchell once took a native poison dart meant for Kirk and saved his life in the process.
E is for Enterprise, his life-long love.
F is for Finnegan, a student at the Academy who used to bully Kirk.
G is for Garrovick, the late captain of the USS Farragut and Kirk's first commanding officer after graduating the Academy.
H is for Horta, a silicon-based alien that Kirk and Spock once encountered
J is for Jim, his nickname ever since his days as a cadet at the Academy, if not longer.
K is for Kor, Koloth, and Kang, and other Klingons who Kirk encountered from time to time.
L is for Lover, which Kirk had quite the reputation of being earlier in his Starfleet career.
M is for Miramanee. James T Kirk's one and only wife.
N is for Nomad, one of the many AIs Kirk fried with his banter.
O is for Old, which Kirk dreaded becoming after his return to Starfleet as an admiral in the mid-2280s.
P is for portly, which Kirk became after a few years commanding the Enterprise.
Q is for questionable. Which would describe Kirk's first impressions of the command abilities of the Enterprise-B's first Captain.
R is for Ruth, an old(and very dear)girlfriend from his Academy days circa 2252.
S is for Spock, his BFF.
T is for Tiberius. Kirk's middle name. Alledgedly for his grandfather.
U is for Uhura, the Platonians "made him" kiss her.
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